Chain Stopper

Roller Chain Stopper

Type: Roller

Suitable chain size: According to your needs

Certifications.: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LR, etc.


The roller chain stopper is an important mooring device to ensure the safety of the ship. The roller chain stopper is mainly used to carry the gravity and tension of the anchor and the anchor chain, and it can protect the unworking windlass. The roller chain stopper can be selected according to the chain diameter and the test load of the anchor chain.

We can provide the following standard marine chain stoppers:

1. CB T178-1996 Spiral-type Chain Stopper;

2. GB 4443-1984 Marine rooler-type Cable Stopper;

3. CB T3844-2000 Marine rooler-type Cable Stopper;

4. CB 286-84 Cast Steel Bar Type Chain Stopper;

5. CB T3672-2016 Single Point Mooring Chain Stopper;

6. CB T4462-2016 Bar Type Chain Stopper;

7. CB 1110-84 Claw type chain stopper;

8. CB T3822-1999 Adjustable Chain Stopper;

9. JIS F2031-1998 Chain Stopper.

Customized orders are supported.

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