Marine chocks

NS2590 Deck Mounted Mooring Chock 

  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Nominal Size: 300*250mm to 400*250mm
  • SWL: 445kN to 625KN
  • Weight: 110KG to 175KG
  • Finishing: the mooring chocks shall be coated externally with an anti-corrosion protective finish.
  • Installation site: on the bulwark
  • Certificate: ABS, BV, DNV, LR, GL, CCS, etc.
  • Features Of NS2590 Mooring Chocks 

    1. Without stiffeners;
    2.Weldable base for choice;
    3. Smooth surface;
    4. Widely used for vessels.


NS2590 mooring chocks are deck mounted types and are approved by Panama Canal Commission(PCC). They are completely manufactured as the requirement of NS2590 standard. They are welded mooring chocks. which can be installed on the deck of the vessel by welding. The material of the chock should satisfy the requirement of NS standard for the marine chocks. There is not any stiffener (welded steel plates) on the chocks. Therefore, the production requirement will be higher and the SWL is just satisfied with common use. The chocks shall be cleaned to Sa2.5 in accordance with Swedish standard SIS 05 59 00 and painted with an anti-corrosive primer. Surfaces coming into contact with the mooring the line shall be smooth. Furthermore, burrs or sharp edges shall not occur.

The marine chock is an important mooring equipment. There’re different types of mooring chocks with different standards including ISO, JIS, DIN, NS. SWL will be from 8KN to 3000KN according to your requirements. In the process of mooring ship, it bears huge loads. Usually, the ship bollards and mooring chock are for the whole ship mooring use. The general bow and stern of ship block the bollard fairlead, quantity large. Of intermediate section above without or bollards, fairlead rarely. Fairlead is oblique chock more insurance, because it is closed, the cable will not jump out. The triangle chocks are widely used for small boats and different vessels, such as container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, tug, dry cargo vessels, etc.

Marine mooring chock has two types: deck mounted chock & bulwark mounted chock. The material is casting steel ZG230-450 normally. IACS approved quality to withstand all conditions. Certificated by BV, ABS, LRS, DNVGL, RS, IRS, CCS, KR, NK, etc. We could also provide you with a customized design with CAD drawings.

Machine Specifications

NS2590 Mooring Chock
Nominal Size SWL Dimensions(mm) Weight
(mm) (kN) B1 H1 L1 W1 W2 (kg)
300*250 445 348 610 660 300 250 110
400*250 625 348 610 760 400 250 175

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