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 Marine doors

Materials of marine window frames are steel and aluminum alloy, sometimes copper window frame also is a good choice because of excellent anti-corrosion characteristics. Safety toughness window glass not only ensures good clarity but also reduces the risk of scratches when it broken.


Marine doors are the closing device of marine ships' entrance. According to the material of the ship's bulkhead or wall, there are two installation means bolted and welded. Marine steel doors are commonly used in ocean ships.  The marine aluminum door is made of aluminum, it can be mounted on the bulkhead by bolts in tugboats.


Steel quick action weathertight door/watertight door: Quick open & close weathertight steel door,flush type/hand wheel type,steel pressure resistant watertight door.

     Quick open/close weathertight aluminum door

     Gastight door

     Sliding door for wheelhouse

     Stainless steel/aluminum single-leaf sliding door for cabin.

     A60 class double leaves fireproof door (with small fire fighting door);

     A60 hydraulic suding watertight door

     Aluminum alloy spraytight sliding door for wheel house .

Material: Available in marine steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy materials, etc.
Color/Size/ Thickness:All customized and ready to fit .


Direction : Left/Right

Machine Specifications

NO. Nomnalsize BxLxR100 Cutout in steel wall  B1xL1xR150 External size B2xL2xR200 Leaf thickness Remarks
1 600x1700 700x1800 800x1900 95 With bulleye 200
2 650x1700 750x1800 850x1900
3 700x1700 800x1800 900x1900
4 600x1800 700x1900 800x2000
5 700x1800 800x1900 900x2000
6 800x1800 900x1900 1000x2000
7 800x1900 900x2000 1000x2100
8 1000x2000 1000x2000 1100x2100

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