Marine chocks

JIS F 2005-1975 Closed Chock 

  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Nominal Size: 100mm to 500mm
  • Weight:3.7KG to 232KG
  • Finishing: the closed chocks shall be coated externally with an anti-corrosion protective finish;Various kinds of the foundation for easy installation on the deck.


The closed chock is made according to the JIS F 2005-1975 standard of the Japanese Standard Association. The JIS F 2005 closed chock is one of the commonest mooring closed chocks used on vessels. The marine chocks are used for temporary mooring to guide rope from inboard to outboard a large vessel and applied at the vessel’s bow bulwarks to prevent wear and tear of the mooring line. The nominal size of 100mm to 200mm closed chocks are made of common cast steel and there are four stiffeners around the chock. The nominal size of 250mm to 500mm closed chocks are made of cast steel according to the requirement of standard JIS G 5101, and there are five stiffeners around the chock. The surface should be polished, galvanized and painted smoothly without any visual flaws, edges and burrs, which can reduce the friction of the mooring and towing ropes. The chocks can be supplied with foundation, which can be designed and manufactured according to the requirement on the vessel. The chocks are welded at a bow ship. We provide high quality closed chocks with the certificate of CCS, BV, ABS, etc.

The marine chock is an important mooring equipment. There’re different types of mooring chocks with different standards including ISO, JIS, DIN, NS. SWL will be from 8KN to 3000KN according to your requirements. In the process of mooring ship, it bears huge loads. Usually, the ship bollards and mooring chock are for the whole ship mooring use. The general bow and stern of ship block the bollard fairlead, quantity large. Of intermediate section above without or bollards, fairlead rarely. Fairlead is oblique chock more insurance, because it is closed, the cable will not jump out. The triangle chocks are widely used for small boats and different vessels, such as container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, tug, dry cargo vessels, etc.

Marine mooring chock has two types: deck mounted chock & bulwark mounted chock. The material is casting steel ZG230-450 normally. IACS approved quality to withstand all conditions. Certificated by BV, ABS, LRS, DNVGL, RS, IRS, CCS, KR, NK, etc. We could also provide you with a customized design with CAD drawings.

Machine Specifications

JIS F 2005-1975 Closed Chock
Nominal Size Dimensions(mm) Weight
(mm) L L1 H H1 H2 B (kg)
100 100 170 76 30 35 60 3.7
150 150 250 110 45 50 90 10.5
200 200 340 150 60 70 120 24
250 250 434 200 80 92 160 48
300 300 528 250 100 114 200 83
350 350 600 250 110 125 220 103
400 400 672 250 120 136 240 136
450 450 746 250 130 148 260 184
500 500 820 250 140 160 280 232

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